Getting Started

Starting the mortgage lending process

How do I start the mortgage lending process?

A little research never hurts. First question – are you looking to purchase a new home or refinance your current loan? Our experienced mortgage loan professionals are eager to assist you. Consultations are free and require no obligation. If you would prefer to chat with someone about your plans, find a loan originator in your area. Otherwise, read on for more information to help you get started!

Mortgage Calculators

Oftentimes, our loan calculators are a great starting point for both our purchase and refinance customers. If you’re buying a home, our purchase calculators can help you determine what you can afford. Use the purchase calculator to experiment by entering different interest rates, purchase amounts, and down payments to calculate an estimated monthly payment. The payment amortization calculator is helpful for determining how much you will be paying in principal and interest each month over the life of the loan.

For our refinance customers, our refinance calculator will show you what your new payment would be if you chose to refinance your current mortgage loan.

Mortgage 101

Are you in full mortgage research mode? Our Mortgage 101 blog is your one-stop-shop for detailed information on our various loan programs, news related to real estate and mortgages, credit tips, the mortgage lending process, and more.

Close on Time

Closing a loan on time is the mark of a good mortgage lender. At Waterstone Mortgage, a closing date is more than just a day on the calendar. It’s often the day a new family gets the keys to their very first home. To help our customers understand the mortgage loan process better, we developed a calendar that helps you plan accordingly. Visit our Close on Time Calendar for a day-by-day breakdown of what your lending process will look like (and find out when to schedule the moving truck!)

What's next?

Like we said earlier, having a conversation with a mortgage professional doesn’t obligate you to anything. Since everyone’s situation and needs are different though, a conversation is often the best way to get started. To find a mortgage professional in your area, check out our Find a Loan Originator page. We also recommend you check out some reviews from homebuyers we’ve assisted over the years.

Complete our online application and we’ll send it to a mortgage originator in your area.