Find Out How to Close Your Loan on Time

When purchasing a new home, every moment counts. The completion of various steps in the mortgage loan process is critical to closing your home loan on time – so you need to know what to expect and when it will happen.

The tech geniuses at Waterstone Mortgage developed a loan calendar tool that allows you to create your own loan schedule. Simply enter your home loan application date and desired closing date, and the calendar will automatically fill in all the important loan milestones (along with their anticipated dates). It’s an easy and useful way to get started in the home loan process.

Why Does This Matter?

Helping you understand the mortgage loan process is important to us. Setting clear expectations is beneficial to everyone, trust us. We like to make sure our customers understand the terms of their financing, so we provide certain disclosures at specific intervals in the mortgage loan process.

For example, the Loan Estimate is an early disclosure that shows the terms of financing you need to acknowledge in order to proceed with mortgage loan process.

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