Platinum Credit Approval

Blue Home Platinum Credit Approval

When it comes to making an offer on your dream home, be confident.

A Platinum Credit Approval (PCA) is the strongest home loan pre-approval you can receive, and will help you present a compelling offer on a home.

What does a PCA involve?

  • A Waterstone Mortgage underwriter will review your credit, income, and other documentation to determine the mortgage loan amount you are financially capable of repaying.
  • Your loan will be fully credit underwritten before you begin making offers on homes.

It’s true that a PCA takes a little bit of time and effort, up front. But, for many homebuyers, the benefits are entirely worth it.

With a PCA, you can:

  • Shop confidently. Knowing “how much” house you can afford before making offers will make your home search process easier.
  • Stand out from other buyers. In a competitive market, a PCA makes your offer more impactful than other buyers who haven’t been pre-approved for a mortgage yet; in fact, it’s nearly as strong as an all-cash offer.
  • Lock and shop. With a PCA from Waterstone Mortgage, you have the ability to lock in your interest rate and shop around for a home.
  • Close faster. Because your loan will be fully credit underwritten prior to your accepted offer, the loan process will proceed quickly, and you can get into your new home sooner.

Don’t lose a perfect home to another buyer. Contact us to begin the Platinum Credit Approval process, and shop confidently.

A Platinum Credit Approval is a pre-approval program offered by Waterstone Mortgage. In accordance with federal regulations, consumers are not required to provide verifying documents until they have submitted an application, received a Loan Estimate Disclosure, and stated their intent to proceed with the loan transaction. A pre-approval is not an offer to enter into an agreement, which must be made separately and in writing, and should not be construed as a commitment to lend. Waterstone Mortgage is not obligated to close and fund this loan unless all terms and conditions of the pre-approval have been met. Once a property is selected, Waterstone Mortgage must order and receive a satisfactory flood zone determination, property appraisal, and a satisfactory private mortgage insurance certification, if required. Waterstone Mortgage reserves the right to cancel this pre-approval in the event of any material misrepresentation in the customer’s application, in the event of an adverse change in the customer’s credit history, employment, income, assets, debt, or other factors affecting their financial status, or if the above requirements are not satisfied.